US Army Central Command (USARCENT) (G-4):

Location: Kuwait

US Army Central Command, Operational Sustainment is responsible for establishing logistics, personnel policy and procedures for all classes of supply (less Medical and COMSEC) services as well as human resources services and operations. Also supervises the execution of logistics policy, programs and procedures, execution of human resources policy, programs and procedures in support of all land forces in Theater Commensurate with Army Service Component Command (ASCC) title 10 and Army Support to Other Services (ASOS) responsibilities. Prepares logistical and personnel plans to support contingencies and coordinates/oversees Army Prepositioned Stock (APS) and Theater Reserve/Operational Stocks for Southwest Asia (SWA).

LSG will support the Operational Sustainment General Officer on all matters pertaining to planning, theater strategy and policy in the US Central Command (USCENTCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR). Serve as staff lead for operational planning in support of full spectrum operations in support of Operations Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Iraqi Freedom (OIF), coordinate requirements sourcing and strategic movement of Army units for operations in the USCENTCOM AOR beginning August 18, 2009 for a one year period with four one year options if exercised. LSG will be responsible for Joint Operations Plans and Execution System (JOPES) should possess working knowledge of all In-Transit Visibility (ITV) systems and provide analysis, assessments, and courses of action recommendations on military operations in the USARCENT AOR.

LSG will assist and support the USARCENT G-4, forward deployed in Kuwait, with Ammunition Operations, Logistics Operations/Program Management, Petroleum, Lab and Water Operations, CARB Management, Logistics Operations/Analyst Management, Logistics Planner, Integration Operations Item Management, JOPES Technical Support Management, Maintenance Technical Support Management, Class I Food Service Management, Logistics Automation Specialist, Administrative Specialist, Strategic/Senior Operational Logistics Planner, Personnel Strength Management, Joint Manning Document Management, Strategic Operational Personal Planners.